Nature gives us resources, but above all, it gives us joy. And this joy becomes even greater when we help the environment by transforming waste into new resources. Guided by love and respect for nature, GreenTech has a constant concern, the increasing level of carbon dioxide (CO2) worldwide.

CO2 emissions are a cause of global warming and consequent changes in the environment and society, thus, for this reason, GreenTech initiated a project in 2018 to reduce CO2 emissions, in order to compensate the CO2 footprint of other companies with the carbon credits resulted from the activity of recycling. The project is called Greentech CO2 Emission Reductions from PET Recycling and it is implemented with the help of the Gold Standard International Organization and using the United Nations methodology recently revised under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

We recycle PET waste, reducing energy consumption that would otherwise be required to produce plastic products made of virgin inputs, and consequently reducing greenhouse gases emissions (GHGs). The output products of the project are recycled PET, recycled strap, and recycled fiber.

Green Tech is the first company in Europe that implemented the project of CO2 reduction, with output as: PET flakes, PET strap, r-PET granules and Polyester Fiber.

Green Tech is saving annualy 45,380 tons of CO2 from PET recycling. Have you ever wondered what the environmental benefits are if we reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 45,380 tonnes annually? Here are the results we got:

Environmental impact

Producing new resources: reduction of CO2 emissions by 45-47% compared to the production of the above items from virgin PET.

30% less electricity use: savings in electricity by 30% compared with virgin PET production.

Saving in fossil fuel: savings in fossil fuel by 75% compared with virgin PET production.

A cleaner nature: protecting the environment (land, rivers, lakes etc.) as a result of PET bottle wastes collection and recycling activities.

Social impact

Improved working conditions in the region: more employment opportunities in the area where the project is located.

Improved local and regional economic development: it contributes to a better revenue distribution, to a regional integration and connection with other economic sectors.

Development of local technological capacity: the manpower and the technical maintenance are provided domestically in the country.

Development of local social community: it contributes to a large extent to the local municipalities’ funds for social insurance, such as health and pension funds, and to local and social community development.

We strongly believe that by the power of the example we can influence others so that, in the end, the effort will be common and results as expected.

Benefits of voluntary CO2 emission certificate.

Customers have the ability to integrate the CO2 climate certificate in their own environmental and sustainability reports.

Customers can reach a positive impact on the environment and on society.

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