Greentech started in 2015 to produce r- PET granules.  With technical characteristics comparable to those of virgin material, PET granulate is the best alternative for sustainable product, environmentally friendly and more competitive in terms of costs.

We are convinced that the highest product quality results from the best quality of the raw material. As an r-PET producer, Greentech controls the whole process, from PET flakes to r-PET, having automatic sorting and washing technology for the raw material (PET bottles), with high recycling efficiency and standard for the finished products.

We produce two types of r-PET granules, obtained from 100% recycled material.
  • r-PET granules used in the food industry
  • r-PET granules used in non-food industries
r-PET is available in different colours:
  • transparent
  • blue
  • green
  • brown

If you would like to talk with our sales team immediately, call us at 004 0238 725 759, or send us an email:

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